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Supporting Homeschool Families to find the match between the person and the homeschool environment.

About Homeschool OT, Sarah Collins

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I'm the Occupational Therapist and homeschool mama behind Homeschool OT.  I have such a heart for homeschooling families especially those that require outside of the box thinking.  

I created this space after so many questions and conversations ended in "I need help so I can help my child." It is my way of creating a dedicated space to continue these conversations in more depth and be able to offer more practical solutions.

When our kid's struggle in what they specifically need and want to do, sometimes we just want to "fix" it.  We want to make life easier for them.  The goal of homeschool OT isn't to "fix"; the goal is to help you to understand the "why" so you can really help your children to thrive. 

I can't wait to know more about your child, your homeschool environment, and what your child needs and wants to do.  That way, I can help you get your aha moment so that your homeschool day is more haven and less battleground.

Homeschool OT provides community, classes, and consultations to ease homeschooling parent overwhelm as we help unique kids be successful in what they specifically need and want to do.


Inside the OT is IN Membership, you will find a active community of homeschool families just like you, swapping ideas and strategies to help one another.  Along with other benefits including:

  • Weekly Office Hours with OT Sarah Collins for group coaching and homeschool insight (value $160)

  • Exclusive Resource Library with the option to request specific resources your homeschool needs  (value $100+)
  • Monthly Book Club with other homeschool families for encouragement and discussion on books relevant to homeschool and parenting topics


Each of our Focus Groups is a 4 week deep dive into a specific topic.  We will look in depth at the area as well as specific strategies and tools you can use within your homeschool to help your child grow.  

In each group we look at how we can support the person, make accommodations to the environment and adapt the occupation of the student so they can do what they need and want to do.  

Join us as we explore

  • Executive Functioning
  • Sensory Processing
  • Handwriting


Consultation includes 1:1 support directly from Sarah.  

It includes a “get to know you call” so we know your top concerns to be prepared for the consultation.  

Then, we meet for one hour via zoom to discuss your current homeschool as well as homeschool goals.  

This is followed up with recommendations to help build skills, and set up the environment in order to promote success in what your child needs and wants to do.

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